About Us

Juno Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly-growing global specialty pharmaceutical company that was founded in 2011 by group of experienced international pharmaceutical executives.

To date we have launched a wide range of differentiated generic and branded pharmaceutical products in our territories, with approvals pending for an extended list of additional products.

Our product portfolio and pipeline covers a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas and formats, including oral solid dosages, injectable medications, suspensions, ophthalmic solutions, creams and patches.


Juno at a Glance

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Our Businesses

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Our Capabilities

Global acquisition and in-licensing of specialty generic and branded pharmaceuticals and biologics, including mature brands and first-to-market generics. We utilize our access to medical specialists to identify key therapeutic needs/opportunities across our territories and leverage a global network of industry contacts to source ideal product development and supply partners.

Veteran regulatory affairs professionals with decades of industry experience. We have excellent relationships with the likes of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD), Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and South Africa’s Medicines Control Council (MCC) and our team specializes in developing creative product submission strategies that reliably facilitate rapid market access for in-licensed products.

Numerous employees throughout our territories dedicated to reliably coordinating the movement of our products from point of origin to consumption.

Expert management of hospital tenders and retail relationships coupled with the development and successfully execution of novel product commercialization and reimbursement strategies.

In house IP experts who specialize in the evaluation of brand patent landscapes and the development of novel non-infringement and/or patent invalidation strategies.

“Juno will become a prominent international pharmaceutical company that supplies value-added and differentiated specialty products to global markets. Juno will build bridges to unmet medical needs through disciplined investment and successful application of creative business principles, ensuring that its customers and patient groups have access to the medicines they need at all times.”

Our Team


Ian Jacobson
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Roberts
Chief Operating Officer

Craig Podolsky
Chief Financial Officer



Andrew Brown
Head of Intellectual Property

Jesse Buckstein
Director of Corporate Development

CVS Murthy
General Manager India



Head Office:

Juno Pharmaceuticals Inc.
555 Richmond Street West, Suite 1004, Toronto,
Ontario M5V 3B1, Canada

+1 905 881 4410 Ext 203

Business Development:

Juno Pharmaceuticals Inc.
1st Floor, The Coach House, Cross Heyes,
Malmesbury SN16 9BE

+44 (0) 1666 848 450